Marloes Coenen: Ronda Rousey lacks balls

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Former Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion and current Invicta contender Marloes Coenen sat down with PunchDrunkGamer and covered a variety of topics, some of which are excerpted below.

Dave Carpinello: Invicta FC has taken the world of women’s MMA to the forefront lately; what was your experience like fighting for them?

Marloes Coenen: Shannon Knapp and Janet Martin met each other via me. Janet wanted to sign me for Blackeye and flew to Kansas, where I was staying at that time. It ended up with Shannon and her starting up a new all female show. Certainly in the beginning I was informed on designing the name and such. When it finally all happened I was very proud of the two ladies for what they had accomplished. It was cool to be the first main event on such a historic day.

PDG:  UFC President Dana White recently changed his mind from “Never” to “Maybe” as far as the UFC having woman’s MMA; what do think the chances are that we see WMMA in the UFC?

MC: Honestly, whatever. I have a contract with Invicta FC and they believe in the woman in mixed martial arts and I want to fight for GLORY as they also believe in us women in MMA. GLORY will become such a big and amazing player, I want to be a part of that. Being amongst the elite standup fighters in the world inspires me so much. If you see guys fighting like Semmy Schilt, Remy Bonjasky and Peter Aerts, you can only think about improving yourself. I’m not going to wait till Dana “like a god” White changes his mind to decide my future.

DC: Ronda Rousey has been on a tear lately, what do you think of her as a fighter and also an ambassador of female MMA?

MC: She is a great grappler. The way she took out Sarah Kaufmann was amazing and so unexpected to me. But she does lack balls, she judoed at 154lbs, entered Strikeforce at 145lbs and when she had to fight Cris Cyborg she dropped to 135lbs. Using me as an example. Let me tell you this, I fought Cyborg (and will do so in the future again) and then was asked by Strikeforce to drop to 135lbs. Having said all this, career wise it was really smart of her and she deserves a master in PR. She doesn’t care how she gets there, as long as she gets there. And she’s successful at it, looking at the magazine covers like ESPN and changing Dana White’s mind.

DC: Enlight of Cris Cyborg’s positive drug test, do you believe that you deserve a rematch or that the fight should be declared a no-contest or both? And do you think as Ronda Rousey said “That she has cheated her whole career”?

MC: I can be quite naive, but I knew what she was doing when I had to fight her. It was my decision to step into the cage with her. So I have to suck it up as well. It’s not me who can decide what should happen. The authorities (whoever that might be) or fans can do that, not me.

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