Marquardt: I’ll fight GSP if it comes to that

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

After his victory, Marquardt declared that he indeed is the best welterweight in the world. Though there are certain 170-pounders in the UFC who may have something to say about that, specifically division kingpin Georges St. Pierre, whom Marquardt has trained with down at Jackson-Winkeljohns Mixed Martial Arts. When asked if he would ever have a problem facing “Rush,” Marquardt said if it came down to it, he would have no issues stepping into the cage with him:

“I have competed everywhere in the world and I know my skills and abilities. Of course, I have to prove that I am the best, but I truly feel that I am the best. You got believe you are the best if you are the fighter. If you don’t believe you’re the best, then why are you doing it, you know? I got to believe that, and of course I believe I am better than everyone else, so. It’s not a shot at Georges, personally. You, know, we have talked about it, but we will have to cross that bridge when we get there. It’s, we know it is a possibility so. Yes, if that’s, how it has to be, then so be it.”

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