Matt Brown: Hendricks & Lawler were playing pattycakes

Monday, March 31, 2014

After Johny Hendricks narrowly beat Robbie Lawler and became the new UFC welterweight champion, Matt “The Immortal” Brown was not impressed.

Matthew Brown @IamTheImmortal
After last night I know that I am the TRUE no 1 contender. I'm just not a good enough self promoter.

On The MMA Hour, Brown doubled down.

“That's exactly how I feel,” said Brown as transcribed by MMAFighting. “I think I can beat any of the guys. I think I put on better performances than of the guys did on that card. I think that I have a better resume at this point than any of those guys have that were on that card. And everybody's only talking about those guys. Nobody's really talking about me, so obviously I haven't spoken up the right way.”

“[Hendricks] didn't look that great that night, even though he had that torn bicep — that kind of changed my opinion a little bit. But, I don't know. It was a good fight for sure, but it looked like they were just playing pattycake or whatever.”

“There wasn't no finish. There wasn't anything amazing that happened. A lot of people thought it was an amazing fight, but I didn't think it was as amazing a fight as everybody else thought it was.”

Brown fights No. 15 ranked Erick Silva un the main event of UFC Fight Night 40 on May 10 in Cincinnati, OH.

I was a little bit surprised. Went from, what, Condit was No. 2? And I think Silva is No. 15 now,” said Brown. “I don't think he was [ranked] before. That's definitely a huge drop. But, you know, main event. Erick is one of those guys that he could beat anybody in the top-10 any day, and I think pretty much everybody knows that. Any of the hardcore fans know how good he really is. He's had some bad luck fights, but man, everybody knows how good this kid is, so I don't think it was a drop in skill level. It's just a drop in the actual rankings.”

“I mean, I don't know what I gotta do. Everybody says, well you gotta fight a top-10 fighter. I just fight whoever they put in front of me. I fought six guys in a row that I beat, I think only one of them went to a decision. It's not my choice not to fight a top-10 guy.

“I see a light at the end of the tunnel, for sure. But the fact is, the only thing that matters to me is beating Erick Silva. All this other junk is beside the point, because if I don't beat him, then all this talk is void anyways.”