Matt Grice off sedation medication, responding to verbal cues

Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Oklahoma City police officer and UFC featherweight Matt Grice was off duty when he was hit from behind at a red light in Pottawatomie County, OK on September 8. The 32-year-old underwent brain surgery that  night at Oklahoma University Presbyterian Hospital. He remains in the ICU in critical condition, but MMA Fighting reports there is some encouraging news.

Grice has been taken off sedation medication and has begun breathing on his own, according to a report on Wednesday’s edition of UFC Tonight.

Doctors removed Grice’s cranial pressure monitor, a device used to treat severe traumatic brain injuries, on Tuesday. According to Grice’s manager Daniel Rubenstein, the 32-year-old fighter has begun responding to verbal cues, displaying movement in his arms and legs and offering thumbs-up signals to his family.

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Grice is a highly respected both for his profession and for his exciting fighting style. UFC president Dana White said following Grice’s latest fight – a Fight of the Night winning split decision loss to Dennis Bermudez at UFC 157 in Feb – that the way to not get cut in the UFC is to fight like Grice.

Grice, who had been scheduled to fight Jeremy Larsen at UFC 166 on October 19, is now in the most important fight of his life. May his enormous strength and courage once again carry him through.

A donation fund set up by Grice’s family has thus far raised over $20,000.