Matt Hughes: GSP vs. Hendricks was ‘worst decision in UFC history’

Monday, November 18, 2013

Like the majority of fans and media members, former UFC welterweight champion and current UFC vice president of athletic development and government relations Matt Hughes thought that Saturday night’s main event decision was the wrong one. Further, Hughes is, like GSP’s UFC 167 opponent Johny Hendricks, a wrestler with distinctly country tastes. And Hughes fought GSP three times, winning the first, but losing the second two. Thus it is perhaps not a complete shock to read Hughes tweet that it was in fact the worst decision in UFC history.

Matt Hughes @matthughes9x
•With the decision last night I would have been less surprised if they gave Johny EVERY round. Will go down as worst decision in UFC history.
Guys I like GSP. He did NOTHING wrong. It’s the commission that screwed up. Look what this did to Johny. GSPs corner thought they lost.

What do you think UG? Right decision? Understandable decision? Wrong decision? Or worst decision in UFC history?