Matt Riddle: Marijuana makes me very nice

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Matt Riddle has, uniquely in the modern era, spent his entire professional career in the UFC. Back in July when he was offered a fight vs. Chris Clements with just one week notice, he took it.

Riddle finshined Clements with an Arm Triangle at 2:02 of Round 3, earning Submission of the Night honors, and a total of $100,000.

However, Riddle is a medical marijuana user in Nevada, and failed to disclose that fact to the officials regulating the event. When a bllod test indicated usage of a prohibited recreational drug, the decision was changed to a No Contest. Riddle was also suspended for 90 days, but the announcement was approximately 90 days after the fight and applied retroactively, so the practical effect was negligible.

In an interview with MMAMania following his win over John Maquire at UFC 154 on Saturday, Riddle riffed on reefer and regulation.

“If you ask me I’m 8-3. I’m not 7-3-1, I’m 8-3,” sadi Riddle. “And if you watch the tape I don’t think you’d argue with that. You know I dropped him with a liver kick, I hit him with a standing arm-triangle and you know, it was a very dominant performance.

“I think it’s really unfortunate they took a hard-earned win from me that I took on a week’s notice and I did everything in my power to pass that drug test, I’ve never failed a drug test in my life until that day and that was never my intention. So it does suck, but at the same time I’ll never forget that win. It was a great experience, a great feeling and I made $100,000 in one night, so you tell me who’s the winner if that’s a no contest.”

“The UFC had me take a test before I got here, last Friday and Monday and I passed both those tests. They were not taking a chance and they said if I failed that test they probably would have pulled me from the card.

“So I passed that test and that’s what it is and you know, in the future I mean I know all these guys are taking testosterone and all that and they have medical releases, and I’m hoping maybe I can talk to a commission or talk to somebody and maybe get the rules changed.”

“I won’t test positive ever again I can assure you.”

“I’m not asking to, you know, rip a tube before I get in the Octagon. It’s like I quit, I quit pretty far out, like two weeks. But, I’m like a heavy user, you know, to be honest and it sticks around in my system because I’m skin and bone, you know, but it still sticks in my system. So, you know, that’s what it is and until they change the rules or amend it, I’ll abide by whatever they tell me to do.”

“I’ve explained it to other people, I’m very high strung. You can ask anybody who hangs out with me, when I’m not on my medicine — not that I’m hard to be around, but I’m very intense. You say something stupid I’ll f—— let you know, I go off. You know, I’m very, it’s almost like a New York minute, I’m very fast, I’m right to the point, I’m in your face. Like right now, ba-da-ba-ba, I’m talking very fast. I like to slow it down, I like to be normal, I like to be like a normal person and right now it’s like I’m on edge.”

“If I didn’t just get out of the cage I’d want to beat the s— out of somebody just for no reason. And that’s just how I’m wired, and I don’t like it. I like being the nice guy. So when I use, I’m a very nice guy and everybody around me loves me more. I’m just a much more pleasant person to be around.”

“The unfortunate part is, you know, in this world, you know, people are okay if you take Xanax, testosterone and all these other drugs as long as a doctor prescribes them. But, if you’re prescribed medical marijuana, you know, because of your issues, it’s not acceptable and they really frown upon it.

“I hope, you know, two states already legalized it in America and I just hope they really turn it around.”

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