Matt Secor: ‘Worst Decision In MMA History’

Thursday, November 01, 2012

During last week’s TUF Michael Hill and Matt Secor were set for a grudge match – the two had had words the previous episode.

“I called out Secor because he’s been starting a lot of trash talking,” said Hill. “Secor called me a girl.  He called me a thief.”

The fight was lackluster, with Hill arguably having an edge in the first round, and Secor clearly taking the second. The overtime round was in the eyes of all but three people won by Secor. Unfortunately, the two people that saw it Hill’s way were judges. The other was Hill himself.

UFC President Dana White however was incensed with the judging.

“That is f—— beyond comprehension. The judges handed me the piece of paper and I was like, you have to be f—— kidding me,” said White. “If that doesn’t keep somebody from judging ever again, nothing should.  I had a hard time walking up there and reading the scores. Even the blue team is pissed about the outcome of this fight.”

Secor came on the UG and voiced his displeasure with the judging.

Worst Decision In MMA History

From: Matt Secor
The Ultimate Fighter, Fighter
Member Since: 4/29/09

Hello UGers my name is Matt Secor. I am on this season of the ultimate fighter. I was a part of one of the worst decisions ever in mma history.

Now I’ve seen fights in the past that were bad, but you could argue that it could go either way. I am not the kind of person that finds reasons and makes excuses for why I lost. I take my losses like a gentleman, as you could see on the last epoisode, but i feel like i got robbed.

I broke my hand on the first overhand. I’m a finsher, I go for the finish, and after I broke my hand I told myself just get in dominant postion. I didn’t have a grip with my right hand at all; that’s why you see him contol my hand in the 3rd the way he did.

I feel that if you only have 2 rounds and it goes to the 3rd round, than whoever wins the 3rd round wins right? It’s the tie breaker.

There is no way that Mike Hill won that 3rd round – he didn’t hit me with a thing or do any damage and I had a broken hand for 13 out of 15 minutes. Idk what the jugdes were watching, but it sure as hell wasnt that fight.

I would like it if people would voice their opinion.

Thank you.

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 A very emotional Michael Hill was interviewed by recetnly on MMASucka Radio and related that people were sending hate mail to his family.

“If you guys want to write me hate mail go ahead but leave my family out of it,” said Hill. “A bad performance but I promise better in the future. I’m getting a lot of stuff on Twitter, Facebook, my email address. My little sister will jump on the board and try to back me up and now people got her name and her Facebook and stuff and it’s just whatever. It’s kinda brutal but it’s a sport, celebrity status, that’s what gonna happen, so I just hope that Canadians respect me and have my back.”

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