Matt Serra not retired, but no timetable for return

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

“I’m going to say if I have to lean one way I’m definitely going to say you’re going to see me again,” Serra told Ariel Helwani Monday on The MMA Hour when asked if he plans to fight again or retire.

Serra can’t be certain about fighting. He’s too busy living the moment. With the responsibilities of raising a family, operating a pair of jiu-jitsu academies on Long Island, New York, and training several UFC fighters, Serra’s living life at warp speed. Even if he wanted to train for a fight – especially in what could be his final professional fight – he’s hardly in a position to do so.

Serra, however, is ever the competitor. He simply can’t let go of the idea of not returning to action. But therein lies the rub: there is no plan to return. No timetable, no opponent, no venue, nothing.

“I really got no answers for you as far as when and who and all that kind of stuff,” Serra said. “I really think it’s so official just to say you’re done. Because you never know how you’re going to feel the next day, you’re never going to know if something comes up and excites you. But right now I’ve got my plate full.”

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