‘Mayhem’ arrested for domestic violence

Sunday, August 11, 2013

It looks like Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller has again found himself on the wrong side of the law, this time being arrested this morning for attempted burglary. Additional details are not yet available:

This morning (August 11, 2013), Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller was arrested in Orange County, California and is being held at the Central Jail Complex in Santa Ana, California. Initially details were sketchy as under California Government Code 6254(f)(1), the only way to receive an arrest report is to ask for one in person.

What we did know was that he was being held on a $50,000 bail.

MMA Mania’s CJ Tuttle has learned from a source within the Orange County Sheriff’s Department that Miller was arrested and charged with Attempted Burglary. Under California Penal Code 459 PC, Burglary is defined as “entering a structure with intent to commit a felony or (a petty theft) once inside.”

Burglary is considered a “wobbler” under Penal Code 459

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Update: MMAMania.com today released a retraction and update to this story. The initial report of an arrest for attempted burglary was incorrect and Jason  Miller was actually arrested on the official chadrge of domestic violence:

C.J. Tuttle drove down to the Intake Release Center to acquire the official police report so we would be able to provide more details regarding the arrest. When he arrived, he saw Miller’s parents posting bail. Unfortunately, he also learned that the initial information with which we were provided was inaccurate.

Indeed, the official charge is Domestic Violence 273.5 PC. Miller was released at 12:21 AM local time on bond and is now in the care of his family.

We apologize to Jason Miller and his family for this misstep.

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