Maynard responds to ‘weak chin’ comment

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Earlier this week Ross Pearson stated in an interview that Gray Maynard had a 'weak chin' and that he would knockout him at this weekend's UFC Fight Night. Maynard recently spoke to MMAJunkie to respond to Pearson's comment directly:

“Did I get completely knocked out cold and stiff? No. I got clipped,” Maynard told MMAjunkie. “They attacked me good, and I stood up (right after). Obviously if you take a lot like that, you’re going to be out of it, but I’ve never been out cold.”

“That’s the great part about it,” Maynard said. “Saturday night, he can put that to the test, and I can guarantee I’m going to put his chin to the test. Let’s just see.”

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