McCall: We’re going to beat the s#!^ out of each other

Friday, February 01, 2013

Ian McCall has a unique approach to his fight against Joseph Benavidez at UFC 156 on Saturday .

“I’m so excited for this fight,” McCall said. “He’s a friend of mine and I’m anxious to exchange punches with him. It’s like going to a fight with one of your best friends, but we have to punch each other in the face. We both fight in exciting ways and we have no problem going in there and beating the s— out of each other for your viewing pleasure. No hard feelings.”

“They are giving us awesome exposure. You know, Demetrious and Dodson put on a good show last weekend. The pace they put on was amazing. They definitely put a stamp of that fight real well. The whole event was great. Me and Joe get to start this event and our fight is going to be even more exciting than that one. No doubt.”

“Obviously, I have to win. For me, it’s just mental focus and my diet. I keep my diet very strict and keep my weight down. Last time, I got to Florida at 152 pounds. This time, I got out here at 139. I’m a little lighter than I was last time.”

“Everything is good,” the Team Oyama trained McCall said. “We have some young good up-and-coming guys. The coach with me right now is Romie Adanza. He travels everywhere with me. Colin Oyama and Giva Santana are coming up too. It’s very family oriented. Everyone’s kids are raised in the gym. It’s nice.”

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Benavidez expressed similar sentiments on the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Cheap Seats” show.

“I like McCall,” said Benavidez. “I’m a fan of his style. He’s crazy and I respect that. He puts it all on the line and puts it all out there. … He’s a guy that’s actually going to fight me. He has confidence in his skills, in his power and he doesn’t run. He goes in there and looks for a fight and doesn’t mind getting punched in the face. He doesn’t mind it, so I’m just going to go ahead and just give him the punishment that he likes.”

“He is powerful strength-wise, but I don’t look at him necessarily as a dangerous, finishing type. He’s just really powerful, strong, explosive. He’s a great athlete with a great style, and I think it’s going to be an awesome fight. I’m looking to go in there and make my statement. This is like a small battle for me. Him and Demetrious had a super close fight, so I’m looking to beat him way worse.”

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