McCall homelife in turmoil on eve of fight with Benavidez

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ian McCall fights Joseph Benavidez on the UFC 156 main card Saturday night.

“Been going through a lot on a personal note,” said Ian McCall in an exclusive interview with “It’ll all unfold sooner or later, but at least I have the gym, that’s my happy place at the moment. So as much drama as I’ve been dealing with at the moment, I have this place to make me happy, and at least I’m focused here.

“It’s all home stuff. I don’t live at home anymore, I’m separated, probably getting a divorce. Just stuff like that.”

“I just want to get this (fight) over with, and be free and just be happy, finally — that’s how I look at it, get in there and I can be happy — and get it over with so I can fix my life.”

McCall is one of the most beloved figures on the Underground, and we wish him strength during a time with now multiplied challenges.