McCarthy defends Mazzagatti in Fitch/Burkman bout

Sunday, June 23, 2013

At the World Series of Fighting 3 event Josh Burkman rocked Jon Fitch with a hook, jumped in a guillotine, and choked Fitch unconscious. Burkman, realizing Fitch was unconscious, rolled him over and let go before referee Steve Mazzagatti could intervene. UFC President Dana White immediately attacked Mazzagatti’s judgement in the cage, as he has a history of doing, and the media also was critical of his refereeing in the bout. However, veteran referee Big John McCarthy recently came to the defense of Mazzagatti on AXS TV’s InsideMMA:

“If you watch the tape, (Fitch) is out for one second, at most, before Burkman is releasing that choke and Burkman is being a sportsman,” said McCarthy.

“People are complaining, I guess, because Steve didn’t jump down. You know what, it wasn’t a situation where the safety of the fighter was really in jeopardy.”

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