McCorkle questions validity of Kimbo’s most recent boxing win

Monday, March 26, 2012

From: Sean McCorkle
Posted: March 26th, 3:15 AM
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I mean I’m assuming it was supposed to be, but watching it I can’t believe that anyone is expected to believe that, that was a real fight. And not just the knockout at the end, which by the way was the worst acting I’ve seen outside of a Shaquille O’Neal movie. I mean the whole fight.

Kimbo has either regressed considerably in his hand speed and technique since his UFC days, or he was only throwing at about 25% – 50% that entire fight. Not that he was ever any good to begin with, but that looked like extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY light sparring.

And what the hell was up with them talking to each other in the clinch for like 10 seconds? They need to take some lessons from pro wrestlers on how to discreetly choreograph pretend fighting during the match.

It’d even be different if this was a case of Kimbo just having someone way outclassed athletically or skill wise. That kind of thing is routine in boxing, and a necessary evil in bringing fighters along slowly, and getting them experience without taking a risk of a prospect losing. That fight was faker than anything filmed during the 6-12 (can’t remember how many there are) Rocky movies.

I’ve always said that you can’t blame Kimbo for taking the money and the opportunity that was presented to him when he first got famous from street fighting. Anyone in his position would do the same thing. But if you want to do fake fighting, go to the WWE. If they want to try to build him as heavyweight boxing prospect, as ridiculous as that premise is, more power to them. But the fights need to be real. Otherwise I’m pretty sure, to quote Dana White, “that’s fucking illegal.”

By the way, before all the Kimbo loyalists come out of the woodwork and say “Oh you think you could do better?”, Let me answer that. Yes I do. Much, much better. I’m known for having little to no striking compared to the other heavyweights in the UFC. I’ve never argued against that point. That said, I’d be more than happy to box Kimbo at Gary Shaw’s next show, and I’ll knock his head off inside of the first 2 rounds.

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