McMann ready for title fight, Rousey

Monday, December 30, 2013

Before the UFC 168 co-main event started, Sarah McMann knew she would be fighting the winner in February for the women’s world title. Whoever it was, Tate or Rousey, McMann feels she is ready:

“Both girls did some things very well,” McMann said of the fight. “Both girls obviously made mistakes, like every fight you ever see.”

As to what mistakes Rousey made, well, McMann isn’t in the business of telling her opponent what she needs to work on.

“There’s no time that any of us go out there and don’t reveal something,” McMann said. “Even if Miesha couldn’t exploit it, she revealed it.

“If it were somebody that were making minute technical errors in striking, I would have a harder time exploiting it considering my background. But when people make a grappling error, I’m in a great position.”

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