Meet new Aussie Octagon girl Kahili Blundell

Friday, December 06, 2013

The UG has TUF Noobs, Ronda Noobs, 12ers, and in this case a Mayer, who posted about the smashing Australian model, makeup artist, Swimwear Model of the Year, personal trainer, possesor of a Bachelor of Health Science, and Octagon girl Kahili Blundell.

From: Swooper
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•Kahili Blundell.Wow…Gives Ariel a run for her money.
•Boys I’m a mudder put up some pics

Being a caring online community, the response was immediate!

From: UGCTT_Bromovich 247
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From: Swooper
F—ing gold lol I meant Arianny

From: matt_the_kiwi
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By crikey! I’ve been hunting crocs for a long time but this is a sight! What we have here mates, is a very rare sighting of natural boobs in a UFC octagon-girl bikini. Aren’t they boooooouteiful…

The images were wide ranging…

…from the remarkably obvious…

…to the sporty…



…to the selfies and the candids…

…to fashion…

…and once more unto the beach, dear friends, once more…


…and to more intimate settings…

However, the UG could not help but be itself…

From: BrunoMcGyver
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Not Aussie looking enough. This is who we need.

From: Letibleu
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From: WeidmansPHD_in_G0atslaying_fr0m_h0fstra_U 169
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From: Crashdt
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I think I still wood.

Well UG, wood ya?

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