Melendez: I’m coming for that UFC title

Friday, June 28, 2013

Gilbert Melendez was the reigning Strikeforce lightweight champion and as such was immediately granted a shot at the UFC lightweight title. He lost a five round decision to champion Benson Henderson, a decision he disagreed with, and Melendez still feels like he’s the best lightweight on the planet:

“I think I am the best lightweight fighter in the world,” Melendez told Bleacher Report. “I think that I made that goal and I think I’ve done that. I believe I showed that in my last fight. I think I proved that I am a better fighter than Benson. He’s a tough matchup to fight and I feel like I did beat him that night. Maybe I lost on the judge’s cards, but I know I won the fight. I held my ground and was ready to fight to the death right there and I don’t think he was.”

“That said, I’m revamping the goal now. I’m going after that lightweight title and I am going to continue to prove I’m the best lightweight fighter in the world. My goal now is to get that UFC strap. I don’t care who has it. I’m coming for that UFC title.”

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