Meltzer: Brock beats most former UFC heavyweight champions

Friday, January 06, 2012

Most people’s opinion’s of a fighter don’t usually go back more than a couple fights. A popular rule to live by in most MMA gym’s is that you are only as good as your last fight. But when a fighter retires, you have to look at what he accomplished when he accomplished. Brock Lesnar has lost two fights in a row and announced his retirement from the UFC and sport of MMA.

Most fans have been harsh on Lesnar losing his last two fights in the way he did, but most forgot that not only did Brock Lesnar win the UFC heavyweight title after only three professional MMA bouts, a feat unprecedented in any combat sport, he successfully defended it two times. In his latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer discusess Brock’s legacy:

The next question is Lesnar’s legacy. Most have been positive about it. The reality is he was an amazing athlete who won the title despite inexperience and a long layoff from competitive sports, succeeding based on athletic ability and a lifetime of wrestling to beat some solid people at their own game.

Others, whether blinded by their hate for Lesnar, pro wrestling, or UFC, have used this loss to say he was never any good, and discredit him. Some have written he was the worst UFC heavyweight champion in history, which is beyond laughable. If you line up every UFC champion in history, when they were champion vs. what short window of prime Lesnar had, Lesnar beats most of them almost every time. He’d pound Shamrock, Severn, Coleman, Randleman, Smith, Rodriguez, Sylvia and Mir into the mat when all of them were champions. He’d struggle with Couture before beating him the majority of the time if not almost every time. He’d beat the Josh Barnett when Barnett was champion, although I’m not sure what would happen if he fought today’s Barnett. He’d lose most of the time to Cain Velasquez, because that’s a bad style match for him. He may not beat Junior Dos Santos either, and as the sport evolves, he wouldn’t beat the majority of the champions of the future. He was a legitimate champion for his time, even though he had major holes in his game, and brought a ton of new fans to the sport, and drew more than anyone in history.

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