Michael Schiavello: “My anus is relaxed here, Pat”

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

 Zac Chavez fought Danny Mainus at RFA 7 this weekend in Broomfield, Colorado, with Pat Miletich and Michael Schiavello commentating. “The Voice” brought his trademark passion and enthusiasm to the event. He also brought his native Australian accent, which turned the pronunciation of Danny Mianus’s last name to, well, “my anus.”

As any third grader would be quick to notice, the commentary included the dialogue below, which has spread across the internet with rapid speed.
•”My Anus is relaxed here, Pat.”
•”I’ll watch my anus.”
•”There is a cut on my anus.”
•”My anus is in pain here.”
•”my anus is all bloodied up here.”
•”My anus is bleeding all over Chavez’s chest.”
•”The ringside physician just popped in to look at my anus!”

Mianus did not get tapped in the end, but did lose a decision to Chavez.

In terrific news, Mainus himself reports that all is OK, via twitter:
Danny Mainus ‏@DannyFrknMainus
My anus has quit bleeding for those of you concerned :)))