Miesha not impressed with nude Rousey in ESPN

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate

Any1 else think it’s hypocritical 4 Ronda Rousey 2 talk crap about ring girls in playboy but it’s totally fine 2 pose “artistically nude” ?

Well what’s the difference between a pro female athlete and a ring girl? I’d say ring girls jobs are soley based on sex appeal, so it makes more Sense 4 the ring girls 2 pose nude then it does Ronda yet she talks crap about them ?#HypocrisyAtItsFinest

she’s not naked in it…big difference but I think it’s fine either way

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
actually she is naked in it

If the ring girls wanna pose in playboy I’m all 4 it, who cares don’t talk crap n then turnaround & get 1% less naked ?#HypocrisyAtItsFinest

Hi @RondaRousey 🙂

would you expect anything less from her? I don’t.”

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
good point

You can even see her hair style of choice for her downstairs. Egyptian hairless cat.

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate

That &she talks about “role models” while she starts fights with celebrities

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
another ?#HypocrisyAtItsFinest? moment

She may not have been naked. Maybe she was wearing pasties and the world’s lowest cut jeans???

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate

Johnny Ice ‏@JohnnyBopper
She also criticized you when she thought you posed with your pants pulled down, and it wasn’t even you!

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