Mike Dolce Diet: The UG Q&A

Friday, February 15, 2013

MMA Nutrition luminary Mike Dolce agreed to come on The Underground recently and answer questions.

Excerpts appear below.

Tom Lawlor – What do you recommend for post workout?

strengthcoach – What’s up Tom, I actually recommend a fresh fruit and vegetable shake immediately prior to work out. Immediately, being before you even step off the mat, you should be drinking this. 30 to 45 minutes later it’s time for a well-balanced meal.
Most of the muscle first crowd may flame me for this but they can’t argue with the performances, lean mass ratios and level of health my athletes are known for.

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh – How come Cyborg is so reluctant to cut to 135?  Do you think it’s more fair for her and Ronda to fight at a catchweight of 140?

strengthcoach – I don’t know the exact reasons behind this situation. As to what is fair, again, I really don’t know. What I do know is, there are no catch-weight’s for world titles. It is either 135 pounds for 145 pounds.

Torquemada –  Oh boy!
Thoughts in carb intake and timing of simple vs complex carb intake?
Are you a proponent for fasted am cardio for fat loss?
Toughest and easiest client to work with?

strengthcoach – Simple carbs immediately post workout.
I enjoy fasted, steady-state, low intensity, medium volume cardio.
All my clients are awesome!

herwil10 – What macro-nutrient ratio do you recommend during a cut? What ratio for gaining muscle?
What formula do you use for calculating daily caloric needs?
Thoughts on intermittent fasting? (Something like 16 hours fasted, 8 hours feeding)
Thoughts on carb backloading?
Thoughts on keto diets for athletes?

strengthcoach – We do not follow macronutrient ratios as each individual is unique. We do not use a formula as we do not determine caloric needs. We focus instead on quality of nutrients, not calories. Intermittent fasting is good for short periods of time but I prefer a more sustainable nutrition approach.
Carb back loading is more geared toward bodybuilders but again is a short-term program. I believe in well-balanced diet for athletes.

kungfufedor –  Could u get rumble back down to 170?

strengthcoach – No. I spoke with Rumble two times while he was still competing as a welterweight to determine whether or not we would work together and I did not believe he should be at 170 pounds and actually did suggest to him he should be a light heavyweight. I am very happy to see how well he’s doing since moving up weight classes. Rumble is a great guy.

CindyO – Have you heard of FitnessVT.com? If so, what’s your opinion of this system?

strengthcoach – Hi Cindy, I have heard of Fitness VT. Their system seems to be clean as far as I can tell from their website. I have not seen their meal plans or complete philosophies. Their approach seems to be honest but their price seems to be very high.
You can obtain my books THE DOLCE DIET LIVING LEAN or the LIVING LEAN COOKBOOK for $9.99 on iTunes & Kindle and not have to spend another dime on a lifer plan again.
Fitness VT charges from $40 per month to over $300 per month.
I’m not trying to plug my books or bash what may be a good program but highlighting options. We have over 4,500 testimonials favorited on my twitter account @TheDolceDiet from people who are losing dozens to over 100 pounds from just reading one book.

savage animal – thoughts on Carb Back Loading by Kiefer?
When your website was fairly new, you offered, for a premium of course, custom nutrition planning for the average joe/non-pro athlete. Assuming you are not still offering this, due to time restraints, is there any reasonable substitute you can recommend?

strengthcoach – Carb back loading can be an effective short-term, for bodybuilder or cosmetic minded individuals. Kiefer is a smart guy and he’s fun to listen. I did buy his book. His thoughts and philosophies are very matter of fact. CBL just doesn’t seem sustainable long-term, especially for combat athletes.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to take on any more clientele. What we are doing instead, is conducting seminars. I am happy and available to speak at your school gym company association around the world. My schedule is quite busy although I do try and fill a dozen dates per year. Click the SEMINAR tab on THE DOLCE DIET .COM

Vitor Me A New One –  What is Bigfoot Silva’s walking around weight?

strengthcoach – When I started working with Bigfoot in April 2012 he was close to 300 pounds. I believe now he’s walking in the high 280s fairly lean. Bigfoot is an athletic phenomenon.

NewGenUfcFan – Do you think the sport would be safer, healthier, and more competitive if the Unified Rules of MMA switched the weigh-ins to day-of-the-fight?
I am tired of hearing so much about fighters missing weight, getting injured or sick because of weight cutting, and huge mismatches in size within weight classes. Worries me and it seems to be less fair.

strengthcoach – Great question! This is one of my passions. Personally, I believe a 36 hour weigh-in would be the healthiest for the athlete.
I say this because, unfortunately, athletes will always cut weight.
In a same-day weigh-in, an athlete will still cut as much weight as he or she can, to try and give themselves a size and strength advantage.
This leaves little time to rehydrate and counter-intuitive as it is, we see this all the time. Often, in the sport of amateur wrestling, even at an elite level.

It should be noted, if it were 100% my decision, all athletes would choose to compete at what I call their, “3 Week Weight.”
Athletes know what I mean here.
They have been training hard for six or so weeks, eating perfectly and in great shape. This is usualy the best version of themselves.
Three weeks out is where most athletes peak and then watch their health and performance ability erode through drastic weight cutting measures.

falsecrack – How do you manage macronutrient combinations for any athlete who is cutting (well in advance of competition?)  Do you follow any basic split – like 40/30/30?  Or do you customize your nutrition plan?
What supplements do you feel are essential?  Which ones do you use personally?
How do your athletes cut so much weight and then regain it prior to competition without ill effects?  What is in the post-weigh in rehydration?
Are you utilizing large water consumption followed by a tapering off 2-3 days out?  Or is it something different than a water-weight cut?

strengthcoach – We do not focus on macronutrient levels. Instead we focus on the quality of nutrients. We make sure the athlete feels good, strong, and healthy. It’s very simple in practice.

I don’t believe any supplement is essential. Due to geographic location and nutrient availability supplements can be useful.

My athletes are able to cut weight in a healthy manner because they are healthy. That seems to be lost in translation somewhere. Most people associate weight cutting with very unhealthy practices. We aim to be healthy 100% of the time. 24 hours a day seven days a week or goal is to be healthy first. That’s why the athlete is able to cut weight feel great and perform at such high levels. Because they are healthy. Again commonsense.

falsecrack – Any literature you would recommend nutrition-wise?
And how’d you become the “weight cut guru?

strengthcoach –  Read everything! Learn from all experiences.
Some of my strongest research comes from the fields of ultra-distance training and native species.

Reputation and resume.

UGCTT_El Pescadero –  Thoughts on best time to do Cardio, before or after Lifting Weights…Have heard different opinions on what’s ideal, I drink a Product called Recoup(recovery stuff, amino’s n B’s) while lifting and then while doing cardio after I lift. But had someone say I should not do cardio after lifting and immediately consume protein (which I do right after lifting n cardio) and rest, but also had someone tell me its fine especially cause im drinking the recoup (not completely starving the freshly pumped guns..lol) what would you recommend for someone who started at 235lb is down to 220 in about 5 weeks of no mayo, no butter, no sugar and gym 6 days a week(chest/tri, back/bi, legs/shoulders) want to get to 205, then bulk back up with muscle… Lifting for about an hour then cardio for the same… mostly ride bike but do 55min and usually burn about 500-550 calories…fluctuate from level 10 to 12 and never let my RPM’s get below 100.
Thoughts or Recommendations on cardio, food and supplements?

strengthcoach –  Early morning, steady state, fasted cardio can be effective for fat loss, as well as high intensity interval training. Each should be rotated.

As to supplements in general, I always look first the ingredient list and determine their health impact. Are there artificial ingredients? Chemicals? Only then, do I determine if the risk is worth the reward.
Keep your training intense and change everything every three weeks.

Malvert the Janitor –  What’s the deal with cyborg? Thought Dolce was gonna get her down.

strengthcoach –  Not sure.

TheAssMurderer –
1- I’ve noticed my Metabolism slowing down some. Not much, but it is noticeable – I’m mid-30’s now. Is there a way to combat this? I once had a light-speed metabolism and miss it, lol.
2 -Do you have a recipie book that you like to use? How about a recipe book of “quick meals”, or meals that are quick and easy to prepare/
3- If you could only eat 5 items per day for the rest of your life, what 5 foods would you eat?
4- Do you still offer a t-shirt for leaving a review of your book? If so, how does one go about getting the shirt? Just curious, thanks!

strengthcoach –  Slow metabolism is common with age. You can also speed your metabolism up through regular exercise. Also a balanced diet of earth grown nutrients will certainly allow you to make progress.

Yes we have the DolceDiet living lean which has recipes and workout programs and we also have the living mean cookbook which is the companion book to living in all there are a bad 180 recipes.

Quinoa chia seeds avocado kale red grapes

Actually, that was a one time promotion but it sounds like fun! For limited time we will give a free T-shirt to everyone that it’s a worthy review on Amazon or iTunes.

RobinHood –  Could you share your thoughts on MCT / coconut oil as an energy source/weight loss? I think I heard to you mention cooking fried coconut chicken for Rampage.

strengthcoach –  MCT or medium chain triglycerides and coconut oil are amazing. I first learned about the powerful benefits of MCT oil in the early 1990s from John Parillo. Parrillo was ahead of the time in those days preaching the benefits of MCT oils, like coconut oil. Parrillo even had his own line and I believe still does to this day. Over the last 20 years I have also used coconut oil and different MCT in my diet as many of you know through my famous recipes Coconut Fried Chicken or Coconut Baked Pancakes. Many of the Dolce Diet recipes include coconut oil. I even add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to my coffee every morning and it is absolutely amazing and nutritious.

sitchpack –  Why are you such a bro?

strengthcoach –  XY chromosomes bro 

phillymmafan –  What’s the science behind fat loss? Deeper than all that less calories in more calories burnt.

strengthcoach –  Much more determines body fat than the simple calorie in vs calorie out equation.
In my opinion, calories have a much reduced role in lean mass and overall health than a focus on quality of nutrients.
It is very difficult to overeat when simply consuming supreme nutrients.
I have found, that when fed and rested optimally, the human body will naturally gravitate to a state of vital health.

Mike Adrian –  Thoughts on farm fresh dairy?

strengthcoach –  I’m not really a fan or advocate of dairy as a rule. There are some good farms out there and a few good products but they are truly few and far between.
Health & sanitary guidelines must be of the utmost quality and really it’s just not cost prohibitive to run a profitable and healthy dairy farm.

UGCTT_Dinamita –  Best snacks or bars to eat between meals?

strengthcoach –  You should always bring your own Apple and almond butter and avocado and and orange are great on the go snacks a bag a Ziploc bag of cashews and dried fruits with coconut slices is amazing so you don’t need bars. Lara bars and Kind bars are okay in a pinch.

JamesDean57 – What do you recommend for a sweet tooth.

strengthcoach –  My pleasure. I suggest frozen red grapes for a sweet tooth. These are absolutely amazing. Also YouTube my video called blueberry madness. That recipe is awesome if you have a sweet tooth.

caseharts – That never does it for me. I like chocolate 🙁

strengthcoach –  Look into Justin’s Hazelnut Butter. Goes great with fresh strawberries. easy way to break the cycle.

berger –  I would love to hear your thoughts on the Wheat Belly book and the idea that wheat in its modern form is no longer good for anyone. Is this just incorrect, or maybe just taken too far and moderation is the key?

strengthcoach –  I do have the Wheat Belly book and though I like some of the concepts, I do believe that the principles were taken too far to sell the title and sell the book and sell the life I understand that. I just do not agree.
I believe most of the problems with wheat product is the high processing and chemical additives. I believe our body has a much harder time breaking down these chemicals then it would organically grown nutrients such as wheat. I live what I call a gluten modified diet. Never do I eat processed wheats and we rotate other grains through our diet not relying solely on wheat like many Americans do.

sevr1 – What is your favorite easy to prepare, healthy meal?
Eating right can be expensive. What are some inexpensive meal ideas?

strengthcoach – My favorite easy to prepare, healthy meal is definitely my breakfast bowl. Check out Twitter check out Facebook you’ll see pictures of the breakfast bowl everywhere mentions of the breakfast bowl and yes it is extremely inexpensive. Boats fruits and seeds nuts done. ( I said nuts!)

UGCTT_SidRival –  Questions I had off the top of my head..
How much of getting into shape is working out and how much is diet?
What is a healthy workout regimen (i.e. cardio m/w/f and strength t/t/s)?
How much is too much?
Long distance running for mma conditioning, good or bad?

strengthcoach – Getting shape is 100% diet. Without diet you cannot train. Now one should not be without the other but if you only train hard you will go nowhere if you only eat well you will go very far.
Generally 2 to 4 days of resistance training per week and 24 days of cardiovascular based flexibility mobility training per week would be a great starting system. From that point you can make additions based upon your specific goal. I prefer to work in three weeks cycles. Targeted goals every three weeks.

soremano – hi there

strengthcoach – Love seeing IAN LOVELAND and TOM SMARIO in the background! The foreground, not so much…

Cementhead – Is it better to workout in the morning (which is near impossible for me with 3 kids) or at night when I am super tired and less motivated lol. Serious question. Love the recipes in your book by the way.

strengthcoach – The best time to work out is when you work out. Let’s not put obstacles in front of us let’s find routes to success. Can you do 10 bodyweight squats tomorrow morning and do a 20 minute workout tomorrow night? If you say yes tomorrow do a 11 bodyweight squats in the morning and continue on with your 20 or 30 or 40 minute workout in the evening. Allow your body to make progress slowly but definitively. One rep per day one minute one second one exercise one thought one decision per day can make the difference!

Ray Elbe –  Thoughts on interval swimming…as I’ve been running for cardio for years, no alternating swimming which seems to be lower impact, just not sure if the workout transfers the same.

strengthcoach – What’s up Ray?! I am a fan of interval swimming. Many of my athletes have used it quite effectively and during his reign in pride show shogun was associated with swimming as his primary mode of conditioning training in those days shogun was a conditioning machine. Personally I swim like Rocky Balboa, so I prefer to run!

I believe you can have equal progress running or swimming. Now if we talk about sports specific performance and then one form may be better suited to the other. For general health and wellness I believe each is equal.

trblesum13 –  How do you keep your goatee so frigging sexy.

strengthcoach – Coconut Oil…

quarcus –  What protein source has the best amino acid profile for recovery? How many grams of protein do you Allow per meal? And also maintenance caloric needs calculation/ macro split. Thank you.

strengthcoach – There are different schools of thought using whey protein sources isolates, casein and other blended protein powder sources.
Personally I prefer to get my amino acids from real food. Animal proteins are very high in amino acids as are certain plant-based sources like quinoa. I prefer a wide variety of diverse protein sources.
In my experience I found high protein consumption to be much less important for health fitness performance across the board. The common bodybuilding perception of 2 g per pound of body weight is far in excess of what any hard training healthy adult would need. I prefer and have seen tremendous success at a general protein ratio of .8g to 1.2g per lbs of lean body mass.
We don’t focus on calorie needs or macro splits the principles are much simpler gripper nutrients even intervals.

gooddoc –  2 words
Nutella sandwiches

strengthcoach – I believe in evolution of progress as the true means to succeed whether it be weight-loss or performance or anywhere in life. Progress that is constantly evolving.
For some, Nutella sandwiches are much healthier than what an individual might be currently eating.
So if I can suggest an athlete eat 2 tablespoons of Nutella with one half banana 2 tablespoons of almond butter on one slice of a sprouted grain toast instead of their typical Snickers bars he would normally eat, well the Nutella sandwiches are a positive step in the evolution.
Eventually and in short time the athlete will be making their own butters at home similar to myself.
It is all about progress and forming new habits.

UGCTT_SidRival –  How much water should we drink a day? I’ve heard a good measurement is half your body weight in ounces (i.e. I weigh approx 170 lbs, therefore I should drink at least 85oz of water a day). Is this true?
Also how does homemade unsweetened ice tea measure up against water? I drink as much water as I can but I love me some tea.

strengthcoach – When it comes to where I say drink as much as possible. I live in Las Vegas, this is a desert. I am 200 pounds and I drink 2 gallons of water per day every day when I exercise vigorously I sometimes drink up to 3 gallons in a day. My wife is 125 pounds and she drinks 1 gallon per day every day. Hydration is necessary. The three essential elements in human survival are oxygen, water and food. Water is the second most essential function for human survival. Unfortunately most people are extremely dehydrated.
Anything I drink tea, coffee, juice is bonus. it’s on top of my water guidelines. This way I am always guaranteed to it me or exceed my expected water intake .

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh – You must pee frequently.

strengthcoach – at least every hour. i see it as purifying my system.

Ceelo – I am 6’5 1/2 250lbs, my goal is 270lbs of muscle mass, How can I accomplish this? What would be the best way to attack it? What Supplements should I be using?

strengthcoach – Simple answers train compound movements. Deadlifts squats chin-ups Rose. Move heavy weights with perfect form. Constantly strive to lift heavier or more reps. Train anywhere between five reps and 12 reps. Change programs every three weeks. Constantly strive to improve. In all of the earth grown nutrients, in even intervals. Sleep and rest well. Avoid Extertal distractions. In enjoy the process!

ArtisticStrength –  Do you have your athletes count their calories or do they go off of how they feel?

strengthcoach – No we do not count calories we make calories count!!

Letibleu – If someone knows nothing about weight loss and working out, how should they proceed?

strengthcoach – Very slowly. Going to see a doctor. This is very important have a complete health check done. Ask your doctor to oversee your diet and fitness program. Slowly but steadily focus on improvements. A great place to start is simply to stop doing what you know you should not be doing.
Think about that stop doing what you know you should not be doing and this will lead to dramatic progress. Soon you can start adding new things to do once you stop doing what you know you should not be doing.

RobinHood –  Can you share some advice on goal setting, measuring performance and staying focused and on track?

strengthcoach – Advice? This is my life!. Set long-term goals and short-term goals they can be 10 years five years three years or three months. Within each goal break it down into quarters what do I need to accomplish in order to get to the next quarter. Within each quarter, break that down into specific tasks that need to be a signed and completed.
That is obvious to most people if you really think about it.
So truly the most important part of goal setting and staying on track is staying ACCOUNTABLE.
If you don’t show up it does not happen. You must show up and you must find the reason that motivates you what internally motivates you and how will you stay on track.

Nucky – Hey Mr. Dolce,
    How come you make what seems to be outlandish claims of insert fighter here has cut an extreme amount of weight or has bulked up with crazy amount of muscle in short period of time under your guidance but lack Weight scale pics? 
    Furthermore can we start to see the weight scale pics so we can put the doubt to rest with actual fact number weight of fighters you are coaching, thanks again.

strengthcoach – Not sure what you’re talking about. We don’t make outlandish claims we’re simply tweeting or showing pictures in a ‘fly on the wall inside our camps. The claims may seem outlandish because you are not used to seeing what we do every day.

For example, with Thiago Alves in Sydney, we posted video of him on the scale the night before weigh-ins 177, morning of weighins 171 in his hotel room, official ufc weighins 170, on his scale a few hours after weighins 197 and before he left for the venue on fight day 195.

Don’t think we can do any better.

We are often filmed during fight week and many of these stories are documented on the UFC behind the scenes option on the dvds.

Tilla – How much does it cost the likes of Sonnen, Vitor, Hendricks etc to have you in their camp?

strengthcoach – One pint of unicorn blood! (I’m working on a new recipe.)

Cyril Jeff – thoughts on HIIT vs other, more common cardio methods (i.e. running long distances)

strengthcoach – I am a fan of higher intensity training which can be performed through running cycling through sprinting by we work or I may train.
I’m also a fan of steady-state cardio which is potentially hi Doris methods of jotting swimming site.
In all both are suggested.

Barbalos – How big of a factor is your personal relationship with a client, outside of the literal diet / regimen itself?

strengthcoach – In order to work with an athlete at this stage of my career, I must have a deep personal respect of them as individuals, more than their level of athleticism.
What we do is very emotionally invasive, at least, it should be.
With my athletes, we become family.

Vril –  How active are you in the fight against GMOs?  BOOM!

strengthcoach – I try to be very vocal about the dangers of genetically modified organisms. I supported prop 37 in California although I live in Las Vegas. I tried to get the word out so people understand and take responsibility for what they’re putting in their bodies. I don’t believe in speaking badly against individual companies in particular but instead try and educate the population to make informed decisions.

Nick Diaz Fan – I’m 5’10” 198lbs 12% body fat, I want to be 220lbs 8% body fat.
What’s the best way to bulk up quickly and efficently whilst lowering body fat?
Big fan of your podcast it’s awesome!

strengthcoach – So you want to put on s—load of lean muscle mass and lose a dramatic amount of body fat percentage. This is certainly possible but you must be patient because done properly this will take time. I would first focus on cleaning up my diet. Eating only the the finest quality nutrients. I would focus on heavy training strength training building muscle I would build the muscle now while not allowing my body fat to go above 12%. If your body fat rises above 12% or drop it back down to the 10% rage before you go on another strength circuit.
Again this could take time. This could take years depending on your age background health history training history and such. But no goal is worthwhile unless the path is challenging.

UGCTT Molsonmuscle360 – I know you do a lot of weight loss stuff, but I’m 5’11 and 135.  I eat three squares a day, and I don’t even really work out much anymore, but I still don’t put on weight….Any tips?

strengthcoach – Sounds to me like you’re not eating enough. Three meals should be bumped up to six or eight. I suggest eating every 2 to 4 hours while awake and have found this to be extremely effective. I cover these topics in depth in my book Living Lean.

– best natural probiotics? Kefir is good or bad?
– some foods you recommend for gastritis, if you have experience with it?
– three best strength exercises for MMA/vault/grappling?
– when is Thiago Alves coming back?

strengthcoach – There’s never a best but Kombucha is a very good all natural probiotic. I do not have experience with gastritis. Deadlifts chin-ups push-ups. J
Thiago Pitbull Alves will be back this summer 2013!

Heel Hooker – If you are a strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist why are you in fighter’s corners ?

strengthcoach – I am whatever my athlete needs and often perform many roles within each camp.

Tilla – How much does it cost the likes of Sonnen, Vitor, Hendricks etc to have you in their camp?

UGCTT_mrzipplokk –  I think that’s an interesting question Tilla. But I doubt we’ll get an answer on that. I would imagine fee’s vary fr situation to situation. But maybe we’ll get a general reply. Thanks for adding though, appreciated.

Tilla – Mike, what happens if the fighters that I mentioned are all scheduled to fight on the same card or within a short amount of time between each other but live MILES APART from one-another? How do you deal with that kind of problem?

strengthcoach – This happens quite often now but is always easy to deal with when everyone is informed as to the scheduling needs.
Communication and accounutabilty are always key.
I am lucky to work with such professional athletes, respected teams and warm families.

UGCTT_mrzipplokk –  how would you get Cyborg down to a healthy 140 lbs, able to make a 5 pound water cut at fight time without her feeling like she lost all her power ?

strengthcoach – If it were up to me, we would have started the process last Fall when this situation arose.
I believe the current conversation would be much different today, had that happened.
My athletes are know to be amongst the largest, healthiest and best conditioned in their weight-classes. I see no reason why there would be any problems, given enough time to prepare.

RobinHood –  Hey Mike – there has to be a point where it is realistically detrimental to a fighters health/performance to drop x amount of weight to make weight.
How do you assess what the optimal fight weight should be and have you told a client not to fight at x weight?

strengthcoach – Like I have said previously. I would love to see all combat athletes compete at their “3 Week Weight” and not worry about the weight cut.
I have turned down many athletes looking to cut too much weight.
Also, I require all my athletes to be under doctor’s care and along with their team, management and family do they determine what is in the best interest of the athlete.

Vril – Could your diet help Overeem get back into shape?

strengthcoach – He looked good-ish in the first two rounds.
Could have been ring rust as much as preparation problems.
Bigfoot is very tough also

caseharts –  Who are you currently working for fighter wise?

strengthcoach – Sonnen, Belfort, Alves, Hendricks, Ludwig and Lentz are my long-time, full-time, career clients.
I also have strong relationships with many athletes on a part-time or ala carte relationship.

caseharts –  Who do you want to work with in the sense that you think you could really help them.

strengthcoach – I want to work with everyone! Wish there was enough time.
For whatever reason, my coaching method and principles are very well received by those who take part.
My goal. My only goal is to help people achieve theirs.
I am not all things to all people but I do believe I have at least one thing to help everyone.

Flyers179 – I’m currently recovering from a torn labrum. Not exercising like I’m used to and ballooned from a very lean 175-185 to 220. I’m currently on a diet that consists of a lot of fish (flounder, salmon, cod, trout) on a bed of greens. I’m back down to 203 within of month of starting to diet.
Do you believe though I am in any way hindering my body’s ability to recover from injuries by eating a calorie restrictive high protein/fat diet?

strengthcoach – Sounds like it is working very well.
Be aware of not becoming nutrient deficient and look to begin exercise as soon as your doctor allows.
Always eat clean and keep your life simple.
Make all possible resources available to heal and repair your injury.

Sagiv Lapkin – Thoughts on intermittent fasting? (20 fasted 4 feeding, specifically).

strengthcoach – IF is difficult to follow long term and this leads me to suggest a more sustainable type of life

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh – I doubt you’ll get to this question, but I’ll ask just in case.
I saw you on the JRE, and what was really interesting to me is how you are able to get your athletes to lose so much weight without killing themselves in the sauna.  If my memory serves, you said that your clients are losing weight while they’re doing every day activities.
As a total nutrition noob, what is it about the Dolce Diet that allows guys like Chael Sonnen to lose 25 lbs in 24 hours and not kill himself doing it?

strengthcoach – The difference seems to be in our dogmatic attention to being healthy as the number one goal!
When an athlete is healthy, they can ask much more from their body and return to a state of natural health more efficiently.
We are healthy. We stay healthy.
Totally boring and not what most want me to say, yet it is the most honest and common sense response I can give.

UGCTT_mrzipplokk – where does one find coconut oil, a specialty/health food store ?

strengthcoach – Certain at specialty shops but it is pretty common in most major supermarkets.

jaytrainwreck –  What would be your ideal breakfast?

strengthcoach – Exactly what I eat almost every single day and so do most of my athletes.
It is my BREAKFAST BOWL as written in Living Lean.
Oats, chia seeds, strawberries, blueberries, raisins, almond butter, raisins, coconut slices, cinnamon and whatever else is fresh and delicious!

UGCTT_painbringer – your thoughts on cardio right after strength training(weight lifting)?

strengthcoach – Can be good for cosmetic purposes but I prefer to split up my sessions.

UGCTT_mrzipplokk – I weigh 250 and have never been able to get anywhere near 250 grams of protein in me per day 🙁

strengthcoach – Nor should you!
What is your estimated bodyfat level and goal weight? how old are you and do you have any medical issues? What is your current training program and external life influences?
Focus on quality of nutrient not mere quantity.

sitchpack – What foods in a weightloss diet are simply a must? what ‘magic’ foods you would reccommend to your athletes to help shed some poundage?

strengthcoach – DOLCE DIET 101
If you simply follow these principles, the whole world opens up.

UGCTT_mrzipplokk – what are your thoughts on sweeteners, like for your coffee or tea ? Natural sugar, honey, Splenda………?

strengthcoach – Never ever ever do we use artificial products, especiall sweeteners.
As to coffee. I add 1 tsp of Coconut Oil per cup and love it!
I sometimes add a smidgen of Almond Milk and a touch of honey or agave but not recently.

myjawhurts –  Serious question Mr Dolce.
Would you be open to having your diet scientifically evaluated?
By this I mean, blood glucose, lipid profiles, hormone levels, VO2max, lactic threshold etc.
Making weight is an achievement but if you could prove that your athletes were stronger, recovered faster and had better 02 carrying capacity you would identify yourself as the greatest nutrition guru in the world.

strengthcoach – We do this most every training camp I am involved in.
Just like the NFL or NBA, UFC athletes are multi-million dollar business entities.
Their health and performance should not be left to a team of buddies or amateurs.
I require all my athletes to be under a doctor’s direct care.
We ensure all health parameters are tested and optimal health is always our goal.
This has been done many times with my athletes but it is their information, not mine.
I care not about using this to promote my brand and instead simply want them to ensure optimal health.

We are in the middle of writing my new book, which will take a very close look into the health impact of following a life plan as presented in Living Lean.

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh –  What would you estimate Anderson Silva walks around at?

strengthcoach – 210-220

Chaelismyhero – On fight night how much will Chael weigh vs. Bones?

strengthcoach – Chael will likely be in the mid-220’s (224)
I’d expect Jones to be 218lbs or so

sitchpack –  Is vaporizing Cannabis actively unhealthy for weight loss or athletic performance? It is grown from the earth thus fits in with the dolce ideology of eating grown natural nutrients.

strengthcoach – I have not found any credible information to suggest a reduction in athleticism or weight-loss as a result of “legal” non-competition marijuana ingestion.
If discussing athletes, vaporizing would be preferred to traditional methods of burning and smoking, while edible consumption would be preferred to vaporizing.
Many studies report very favorable results of marijuana related products for use in the health and medical industry, especially when compared to artificial prescription drugs.
See a doctor and check all local laws.

UGCTT_mrzipplokk – I wanted to say, for everyone, that we appreciate your time and energy and advice. Thanks a million for the knowledge and inspiration.

strengthcoach – My pleasure!!!!
Official UG member since 2004 and lurker for some time before that.
I am on the UG everyday and often check it on my iPad befor I get out of bed to see what I missed overnight.
Many great friends here and I’m happy to share whatever bits I can.

strengthcoach – Hey guys!
I had an awesome time doing this Q&A with you last night.
Big thanks to Kirik and the UG for making space for us.
Since this thread now exists, I’m not going anywhere, so, keep your questions coming in and I will do my best throughout the day to answer each one.
I’ll get caught up with the ones that were posted late last night and continue on from there.
-Mike Dolce

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