Mike Dolce explains Hendricks weigh-in fiasco

Friday, March 14, 2014

Earlier today Johny Hendricks caused quite a stir, and probably a small heart attack for UFC officials, when he weighed in 1.5 lbs over the limit for his UFC 171 title fight. 

Famed diet coach Mike Dolce worked with Hendricks for this whole camp and explained what went wrong today:

“At one point, he was 171.8 (pounds) before he went into the bathtub, and we did a 20-minute in the bathtub, where we’ll lose [sixth-tenths of a pound] to a pound in that time,” Dolce said. “I’m sitting with him, and he’s sweating profusely. We go back and we step on, and it says he gained [two-tenths of an ounce] in that session. That was when he said, ‘F–k. This scale is off.’ That was probably going to be our last one or two sessions of the day.”

To complicate matters, Dolce said, the entire weight-cutting process was delayed so Hendricks could attend a 2 p.m. “medical meeting” that changed their planned schedule.

And when they went to check weight on a UFC’s scale at the fighter hotel that is identically calibrated to the one used at official weigh-ins, Dolce said the promotion had packed it up.

“So we knew Johny was going to be close,” said Dolce, who’s worked with Hendricks as a consultant for his past six UFC fights. “I felt that he would have and could have been on. In looking at the scale, it was 170.5. The commissioner said 171.5. I don’t know how correct that was; maybe my angle was bad or theirs was. But there’s no doubt that Johny was going to make weight.”

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