Mike Dolce slams ‘criminal,’ ‘liar’ Victor Conte, and managers

Monday, June 30, 2014

Controversial disgraced former steroid distributor turned anti-doping crusader Victor Conte made veiled remarks – with no cause – about famed MMA conditioning and nutritionist Mike Dolce.

“Both of the @ufc PED poster boys Belfort & Sonnen work w/ @thedolcediet Mike Dolce?” tweeted Conte. “Maybe an MMA scribe could get an interview? @danawhite.”

Dolce appeared recently on The MMA Hour, and slammed Conte.

“He's been proven to be a criminal, proven to be a liar, he's proven to be a cheater,” said Dolce as transcribed by Dave Doyle for MMAFighting.

“Everybody who knows me knows exactly what I do. He knows my protocol, he knows the way that I live my lifestyle. Unfortunately, that individual, he's just looking for some sort of relevancy. … Because I have relationships with Chael and with Vitor, now that's where this interview is trying to make some sort of connection. But the connection is so thin it's ridiculous.

“He does the sport and any sport and extreme disservice. What he's done, he's ruined athletes careers as a part of his way to make money for himself. That's what he does. He tries to ruin people's careers. It's unfortunate. I try to help people.”

It is an unfortunate fact of public life that some percentage of the population is going to believe any accusation. For example, 17% of registered voters think that President Obama is a Muslim. PEDs are entirely contrary to everything that Dolce has dedicated his life to, and Conte owes him an apology.

Instead however, Conte simply continued.

“Mike Dolce 'disappointed' in Sonnen; calls Conte 'criminal,' 'liar' http://tinyurl.com/p7alrae  IMO. List of known clients w/ + tests brings ?s,” he tweeted.

Dolce also had harsh words for MMA managers.

“These managers are charging the athletes 20 percent,” said Dolce. “Just to answer a phone call from Joe Silva to get one opponent's name, to then call the athlete and say, you're fighting Johnny So-and-So. And then the manager then takes 20 percent out of that. And then the athlete doesn't have enough money to pay for a world-class coaching staff that will properly prepare them …”

“UFC athletes don't need managers, they need lawyers. When you can hire a lawyer to do contract review and negotiation for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and then be done and not have to give 20 percent of all their earning in perpetuity, like these managers and agents.”

“There are a few very good managers out there, one of whom is Dan Lambert. Dan Lambert from American Top Team, they have more fighters in the UFC than any other manager, any other management system, and they only charge five percent to their athletes. That's full training, full coaching, full cornering, five percent and that's it. That's the epitome, That should be the ideal. Every athlete who is coughing up 15, 20, 30 percent to these management systems, fire your manager, hire world-class, quality coaches.”