Monday, January 10, 2011

Over the weekend, MMAFighting writer Michael David Smith did an opinion piece, that while respectful, accused Miletich of shilling during his strikeforce commentary:

Pat Miletich is the best broadcaster in mixed martial arts at recognizing the action in the cage and explaining it in a way that’s accessible to fans. There’s no one as good as Miletich, a former UFC champ, at taking his experience as a fighter and applying it as a broadcaster.

That’s why it’s so disappointing that Miletich does so much to destroy his own credibility by shilling for the Strikeforce product, offering blatantly dishonest analysis designed to make Strikeforce fights and fighters sound better than they are.

Why does Miletich do it? I’m not sure. Maybe Strikeforce and Showtime pressure him to do it. Maybe he loves the sport so much that he gets caught up in the excitement of the fights and overstates things. Maybe he has personal animosity toward the UFC that makes him want to portray Strikeforce as superior.

Whatever the reason, he should stop. Miletich is a good broadcaster. If he ever ceases BS’ing the viewers, he’ll be great.

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Pat Miletich then took to twitter to respond, and went back and forth with both Smith and MMAPayout:

I respect @PatMiletich as analyst but wish would give viewers more candid assessment of SF.
10:51 AM Jan 8th

Please explain MDS credentials?
Saturday, January 08, 2011 11:03:03 AM

Address the issue, not the person. Tell us why you beg to differ. MDS is just offering constructive criticism.
11:24 AM Jan 8th

He reminds me of Keith Olberman getting better ratings when he talks about Glenn Beck.
January 08, 2011 11:42:10 AM

And based on your ratings you are obviously a UFC Shill
January 08, 2011 11:46:24 AM

If I were a UFC shill I wouldn’t cover Strikeforce Challengers. I follow all MMA and consistently criticize UFC when warranted.
11:48 AM Jan 8th

The most recent rankings I did featured fighters from Sengoku, Dream and Bellator: 11:51 AM Jan 8th

I think he and I can gldly debate the issue on air ny time
January 08, 2011 11:37:28 AM

I look forward to that. Should be good discussion the whole industry can learn from. 12:00 PM Jan 8th via web

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