Miller: I’m the best striker and ground fighter McGregor has ever faced

Friday, May 02, 2014

Cole Miller is set to take on the rising Connor McGregor at a July 16th event in Dublin, Ireland and we already know the two don't like each other. The war of words as already started between the two, and Miller feels like his has the advantage in the cage and anywhere the fight might go:

“I like the matchup because, well, I’m a lot bigger than he is, for one,” the 30 year-old says.

“I’m going to be a lot stronger than he is. On the ground, he will probably never, in his lifeteime, be as good as I am on the floor as I am at this point.The moment it hits the floor, he’s going to be [expletive]. All this training he's doing with ADCC vet Gunnar Nelson isn't going to help him. I'm the best ground fighter that he has ever been in the cage with.

“I'm also the best striker he's ever been in the cage with. I'm really not seeing a whole lot of possibilities for him.”

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