Milton Viera: I did not invent the Anaconda

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mixed Martial Arts, grappling, and BJJ are in a continuous state of development at all levels. Perhaps the most prominent example of development is when a new submission is popularized.

While every hold imaginable has undoubtedly been practiced somewhere at some point, some submissions have come to be associated with a single person. Put someone to sleep who has you in a guillotine? hat is the Von Flue. Do an Arm Triangle upside downs and backwards? That is the Darce, named for Joe D’Arce. In gi the same choke is more commonly called the Brabo, for Crank an arm with the hand down (or even up) and that is the Kimura, named for the greatest Judoka ever, Masahiko Kimura, who famously broke Helio’s arm with it.

The Anaconda has been popular for a while, and is often credited to Milton Viera, who is making his Octagon debut at UFC 147 on the Facebook-streamed portion of the prelims. However, in a characteristic show of class, Vieira shrugs it off.

“I don’t enjoy being credited for creating the choke,” Vieira told “It’s something I added to my seminars and people started giving me credit. I don’t like being labeled the creator.”

“I never claimed to be the creator. It’s just something I started doing as a jiu-jitsu blue belt, and since I always enjoyed wrestling, I combined them.

“Of course, there are several paths to reach this choke position, and various defenses as well. It’s something we practice together. People know how to do it and how to defend against it. I don’t consider myself the creator.”

“I think I really made the brass (at the UFC) happy, not only because I won by a great submission, but because I showed almost five minutes of standup without hardly sustaining any shots.”

“All fighters in the UFC are very talented,” Vieira said of opponent Antonio Carvalho. “He’s a UFC veteran by now, so he might be more comfortable. For sure, it will be a great battle. I don’t know how it will go down. I just have to be ready for everything.”

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