Mitrione: Jon Jones come fight me you spoiled, brat, coward

Friday, April 26, 2013

First, transgendered fighter Fallon Fox competed in women’s MMA without revealing to regulators, or her opponent, that she was born a man.

Then, UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione reacted so angrily, he was later fined and briefly suspended by the UFC for the below ‘transphobic’ comments.

“That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak,” said Mitrione. “And I mean that. Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That’s disgusting. You should be embarrassed yourself.”

UFC lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones in turn got upset with Mitrione for getting overly upset with Fox.

“Despite what the person has been through in their life, that’s a strong person,” said Jones. “I’m a fan of that person because of what they’ve gone through and what they’re willing to go through. People like Matt Mitrione are scumbags. He’s a scumbag. I don’t care if he’s off suspension or doesn’t fight again. He’s a ridiculous person. He needs to shut his mouth. That’s how I feel about that kid. He’s scum.”

And of course now Mitrione has gotten upset with Jones for getting upset with Mitrione getting upset about Fox.

Via Twitter.

Cornholio @mattmitrione
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•Last time I spoke, gotNtrouble4 talking bout sum1 using hands2hurt women, guess thats a lot better than Bentleys&Telephone poles @JonnyBones
•Ur a spoiled brat that needs 2b taught a lesson & I’m the guy2do it. Come fight me at hvywgt within 1 year or ur a coward, kid