Mitrione to Kimbo: I’m not Houston Alexander

Saturday, May 08, 2010

“The only thing I cared about on that show was beating Scott Junk’s ass,” he admitted. “From him throwing me under the bus and just doing me so dirty, all I cared about was just emotionally wrecking that dude. Once I beat him, I was drained.”

During the filming of the show, Mitrione asked to fight Kimbo, but was denied and the former street fighter went on to battle eventual show champion Roy Nelson.

“I asked to fight Kimbo on the show and they wouldn’t let me do it, and then they gave me Marcus,” Mitrione stated.

“Everybody thinks I’ve got no ground game, and that Kimbo’s going to beat me on the ground,” Mitrione said. “Cool, put all the money you have on Kimbo, please! Please do it! Because everybody that bets on me will make a couple house payments off of it.

“If he wants to stand and bang with me, cool, I will take that paycheck.”

“I’m not Houston Alexander, I did not lose this fight a month ago. I’ve won this fight 200 times in my mind, in 17 different ways,” said Mitrione. “I don’t care about anyone’s reputation. I’m not afraid of anybody. I’ve fought way too many people playing football, and played against way too many people that are way too big to be human beings, and I’ve done just fine against them.”

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