Modafferi details Sengoku pre fight stoppage

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Roxanne Modafferi vs. Hitomi Akano

Round 1
In a surprise turn, the ring doctor enters the ring to call the bout before it even begins. In her corner, Roxanne Modafferi looks to be on the verge of tears. Apparently, Modafferi has suffered a stomach illness. As such, the doctors have decided to call the bout beforehand. Hitomi Akano moves to the center of the ring then to pose for the cameras. Akano’s eyes are also welling up with tears. The prognosis given is gastritis.

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So I’ve been fighting a cold all week…stuffy nose, scratchy throat…after the weigh-ins, I kind of pigged out a little, but I didn’t really eat anything strange.  But sometimes I feel…”discomfort,” after eating too much, so I just thought it was that.
But eating too much shouldn’t give one the chills?? and inability to focus?  And severe vomiting?  So I didn’t sleep all night, I was constantly crawling to my bathroom…I was so sick.  Was it something I ate? Or just the manifestation of what I’ve been fighting this whole time?
When I got to Ariake Colosseum, I got the chills again.  The event had stated, so everyone was rushing me around.  Kunioku was saying, “Now is a chance for you to overcome!  It’s times like this, you overcome yourself and your opponent~!  This is lucky for you.  A pinch is a chance!  A chance is a pinch!”
And he was trying to psych me up to fight, and it was working!  Until the chills started again.  I was huddled in the lockerroom, and Yabushita-san and Yoko Takahashi and Team Fight Chix were being so nice to me, and covering me with blankets and jackets, as I was shaking uncontrollably.  And my doctor gave me some other pill…and I stopped shaking a little bit.
Bigwigs came in and told me I should fight, but of course they want me to fight.  I tried hitting pads with Kunioku and felt really dizzy….and weak…and nauseous.  And I was shaking.  So I told them I couldn’t do it.  Then they decided that we needed to make the entrance, and then the doctor would call off the fight.
So we did that.
It was one of the hardest things ever….make the entrance into Ariake Colosseum, in front of thousands? of fans!  Hear people screaming my name…it was my dream!  What I’ve always wanted.  Kunioku said, “You’re the happy warrior, you should smile!” but I wasn’t happy at all.
After that, I went an apologized to Akano’s corner (i.e. Abe-san, Masa-san, Tama-chan), and then Yoko Takahashi actually DROVE me home.  I passed out in the car on the way there.  Then, she tucked me into bed, bought me provisions with her own money, and told me to call her if I needed help. I love her. ;_; I really owe a lot of people for taking care of me yesterday…especially the doctor.  I checked my temperature and found it was 100.4 degrees.
So…that means I can’t take the flight back to see my family for New Years. I just got off the phone with the travel agency.  They SHOULD be able to give me a refund for my 3,000 dollar ticket that I bought…I really hope so, with a doctor’s note….
So New Years will be alone in my little apartment.
This was the worst couple of days ever. ?

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