Moraes: Pregnancy more likely than a tap vs. Mutante at TUF Brazil finale

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marcelo Garcia protege Sergio Moraes talked to TATAME TV about his upcoming UFC 147 fight against Cezar Mutante, to decide the Middleweight winner of TUF Brazil.

Guilherme Cruz: You lost during the reality show but after Daniel Sarafian got injured you got a second chance. What are the expectations for your fight?

Sergio Moraes: Actually, who knows me know I’ve been working a lot to reach the top. I would never root for Sarafian nor Mutante get injury so I would get this chance. I’ve always walked alone and I’ve never wished bad things. I got this chance and now I have to gather all this positive vibe, all this time I’ve spent away from my family, my moving to Curitiba for this training camp with Shogun and Dida and now I have to show all of this in this three five-minute rounds.

GC: What do you know about Cezar Mutante’s game?

SM: Well, Mutante isn’t an expert in one area. He’s a modern MMA fighter, he’s been training Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, so he’s a modern athlete. I’m prepared for anything he brings. I left Jiu-Jitsu aside and now I’m a MMA athlete. If we have to stand-up, let’s do it. I believe he won’t try to take me to the ground (laughs).

GC: He says he is ready in case things go to the floor.

SM: It’s easier for him to impregnate than submit me (laughs).

GC: What are your thoughts about the featherweight finale?

SM: F—, it’s hard to have a say on this because they are both guys I like. I guess the stand-up game is better for Rony and ground game is a better area for Pepey, so it’s 50-50. But it’s not a big advantage for one side at one are or the other.

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