Moraga ‘cool with’ having to earn his money

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A lot has been written and said about fighter pay with some fighters criticizing the UFC pay structure and others supporting it. John Moraga is of the latter, but he knew it was gamble:

Moraga’s view on UFC pay is that the company forces him to earn his money. If he performs to its expectations, they take care of him. 

“I feel the UFC wants exciting fighters. If you go out and put on an exciting fight, if you put enough effort out there, then they’ll take care of you,” he said. “I think they let their fighters earn their money, and I’m cool with that.” 

Moraga is in a terrific spot now, but acknowledges things could have gone south just as easily. 

“It’s definitely a gamble,” Moraga said of being an undercard fighter. “That’s what we sign up for. But that’s how I saw it. I saw [my undercard fights] as a little amount of money to get me on my feet and I saw it as an opportunity. 

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