Moroccan immigrant in France uses BJJ to thwart armed attack at cinema

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

European BJJ site translated a report from France about a potential armed attack at a movie theater that was thwarted by a BJJ player.

Moroccan immigrant Fouad Ben Ahmed was preparing to watch the movie “Man of Steel” with his two children in a cinema on Wednesday night at 9:40 pm. A man then entered the cinema, armed with a shotgun.

“He first threatened the cashier before heading towards the clients lining up to buy tickets inside the cinema” said Fouad.

The 37-year-old  related that he was “very afraid for his children.” However, he decided to follow the man quietly before controlling him and subduing him using jiu-jitsu technique. 

“I was lining up with my kids to buy our tickets for the ‘Man of Steel’ movie,” said Fouad. “I then saw a man walking towards the cashier with a shotgun. It was obvious that he wasn’t a police officer. The cashier immediately called for help. As the man was walking towards the other patrons with his gun, I told my children to relax and that I would be back.

“As the man approached us, I hid behind him and followed him for ten meters (30+ feet) as he was walking. When I felt ready I applied a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu choke hold on him from the back and put him to sleep, and then put him to the ground and controlled him there. The security and police then came and arrested the man.

“I had to do something as my children and other children were there. We always hear of these massacres with shootouts in public place. We actually went and watched the movie after all that.”

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