Most spectacular kick KO in MMA 2011?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Adam Haliev beats Alexei Belyaev by Tornado kick
League Sambo-70
Volgograd, Russia
22 December  2011

Undefeated MMA fighter, and world Kudo champion (a full contact form of karate where the fighters wear a mask) Adam Haliev capped off a spectacular year or knockouts in MMA with this spinning back kick to Axe kick to Tornado kick combination.

Other remarkable kick KOs of the year include …

Cairo Rochas capoeira KO:

Marius Zaromskis’ somersault kick:

Lyoto Machida’s Crane kick:

Marcus Aurelio double Compasso:

Patricky Freire flying knee over Toby Imada

Haliev in Kudo highlight: