Mostapha Al Turk: “I’m going to Germany to win”

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Have you ever rented a mindless Eddie Murphy comedy from Blockbuster or Netflix, only to then open up the case and find the wrong DVD inside? You open it up and find ‘Citizen Kane’. I’ve never been lucky enough to, but British heavyweight Mostapha Al Turk experienced the fistic equivalent this past week, as he signed to fight Croatian superstar Mirko Cro-Cop at UFC 99.

Originally set to face UFC newcomer Todd Duffee on June 13 in Germany, Al Turk now receives a bump up to the main card and an opponent in Cro-Cop who could boost the Brit’s reputation skyward.

The difference in reward from beating Duffee to upsetting Cro-Cop is monumental for the Londoner, thus making his reshuffled June 13 plans all the more enticing.

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