Mousasi using karate sparring to prepare for Machida

Monday, December 16, 2013

 Lyoto Machida represents a unique style that can often be hard to mimick in training. His mix of footwork, boxing, and karate have presented a challenge to almost everyone has faced. His next opponent, Gegard Mousasi, knows how difficult this challenge can be, but is trying to prepare the best he can:

“I already know how Machida fights style-wise,” Mousasi told, “and I have a training partner that has fought him twice in karate, so I will be ready for him.”

Mousasi is also training with Satoshi Ishii, who has trained in the past with “The Dragon” at Black House in Los Angeles, but he hasn’t called Ishii to get inside information from Machida’s training camp.

“That was a long time ago, and that’s now why here’s here for,” he said. “We’re helping each other. I’m already training and in shape. It’s basically getting shape now, and then concentrate in my fight.”

Few fighters were able to stand and do well against the Brazilian, but Mousasi is confident his aggressive style will help him.

“I’m more of a kickboxer, he’s a counter puncher,” he said. “He takes his time and has good feeling of distance. My style is to come forward and keep the pressure, so I think I’m gonna match up really well.”

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