Munoz: ‘I kind of fell into depression’ after loss to Weidman

Friday, May 03, 2013

The injury rate in mixed martial arts is often remarked up, with cuts and twisted knees forcing the juggling of cards right up to the final week. But the human psyche is another part of the body, and it, too, is subject to injury. Ben Fowlkes from MMA Junkie relates Mark Munoz struggle to recover mentally after the loss to Chris Weidman at UFC on FUEL TV 4 last year.

Ff you see Munoz now, as he’s ramping up for a bout with Tim Boetsch at UFC 162 this summer, you’d never guess he’d spent the better part of the past year in a deep, dark psychological hole.

Munoz can admit how bad things were back then. “I kind of went into a depression,” he told

“So then when I lost and in the fashion that I lost, that was the low point right there. After that it took me about a week to say, ‘What are you doing? Dust off the cobwebs, just stop thinking about it, and move on.'”

Only when he tried to move on, some bad news made it even harder. His doctor told him he’d broken his fourth and fifth metatarsal, Munoz said. He could be out for up to a year.

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back right there,” Munoz said.

“It killed me for six months not to do anything,” Munoz said. “… For a guy like me just not to do anything, it put me in a tailspin. … I ate because I was sad and I was sad because I ate. That was the thing.”

“I wouldn’t say sports builds character; I’d say character is revealed through sport… I think adversity is the dust that polishes the diamond. It’s a bump in the road for me. It’s part of my story. Now I’m back on the horse and I’m riding again.”

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