Munoz: I taught [Machida] more than he taught me

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Going into this weekend’s UFC event in Manchester, Mark Munoz and Lyoto Machida may be slightly better prepared for each other, as they spent some time training together. However, Munoz believes that although Machida will likely utilize some tricks that Munoz taught him, Munoz believes he’s the better fight and had more to offer when they trained together:

“I do have some insight to fight the fight the way I want to and I think he knows that and I think he’s going to use the tricks that I taught him against me. But, like every other coach and teacher, you have stuff that you can pull out of your sleeves. Having said that, it’s going to be a great fight either way. I’m not much of a fighter that is able to kind of have no action. I always want to press the issue or have a passive aggressive style. Lyoto waits for someone to come into him.

It’s going to be a great fight and I plan on it. I’ve learned some stuff from him, too. It goes both ways. I taught him some stuff and he taught me some stuff. For the most part, we were training together. I brought some insight to wrestling and he brought some insight to striking. Yeah, it goes both ways, but I feel I taught him more than he taught me.”

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