Munoz: Lombard has been mediocre at best

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

“Since Hector Lombard has been in the UFC, he’s been mediocre at best,” said Mark Munoz. “But at the same time, he’s been fighting high-caliber fighters. Yushin Okami has been in the top five for a long time, you know, so he’s no slouch. At the same time, he was asking for a title shot, I felt he needed to prove his own in the weight class. So he’s being introduced to the UFC.

“Down the road if it presents itself, yeah I’d fight Hector Lombard. I’m definitely a guy that accepts any fight that the UFC throws at me, you know? I’m that guy. But at the same time I wanna show the world that I can definitely compete at that weight class and I can fight high-caliber fighters.”

Is Munoz accurate? Has Lombard been only mediocre? And how would a Munoz vs. Lombard fight go?