NBA’s Dwight Howard: Nikola Pekovic could be MMA champ

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some NBA players try to limit their time talking to the media. Lakers center Dwight Howard is not one of those players.

His pregame and practice chats can be informal rap sessions on a wide range of topics. On Tuesday, Howard declared which NBA player should join MMA.

“There’s one guy in the NBA right now who could be probably the best MMA fighter in the world . . . Pekovic from Minnesota,” Howard said. “I swear. I swear he looks like he could be a great MMA fighter.”

“Based on his body, I’m telling. He could go to MMA and be the champion. Have you seen Pekovic? He’s 7 feet. He’s 300 pounds.”

Howard roped Lakers assistant coach, Darvin Ham, into the conversation. After a moment’s thought, Ham enthusiastically agreed with Howard.

“Yes, yes with that neck,” Ham said. “He’d be a helluva MMA fighter.”

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What NBA player do you think would shine in MMA?