NSAC head Kizer refutes White, defends Mazzagatti against criticism

Sunday, June 16, 2013

On Friday night, UFC President Dana White took to the Underground to again voice his displeasure with referee Steve Mazaggati:

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Thank god Josh is class and stopped because that f—ing idiot Mazzagatti had NO CLUE what was going on. Much respect Josh 

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White contiued his tirade against Mazzagatti at the UFC 161 media scrum, however Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting.com was able to speak to the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic commission, Keith Kizer, to answer White’s claims:

 “It as neither a positive or a negative on the referee,” said Kizer. “All of us in the arena, and the commentators who know their stuff, were really shocked Jon was out. Steve was right there. He had to walk two steps. He walked two steps and waved off the fight. It was very easy for him, and every easy for Josh as well. It was a weird ending to the fight, but good for Josh.”

“Bas Rutten, who was doing the live commentary at the moment Josh got the move, he said how Josh didn’t have full guard. He gave the impression it (the guillotine) wasn’t going to work. He then stood up, and there was awkward silence from Bas. He was shocked. Other fighters in the front row were shocked. When Josh started to stand up, he (Rutten) thought that he’s not going to get him so he’s going to transition to another move. Then he saw it and said,`Wow, Jon Fitch is out.'”

“The guy went out and Josh immediately released the hold,” said Kizer. “What’s weird is he flipped Fitch over, away from the ref. When Josh had the hold, he (Mazzagatti) was one step away. He had a perfect view. Josh flipped him away from the ref, then stood up. I would praise the referee if he did a good job. But here, there’s nothing to talk about the ref. It wasn’t a good job or a bad job. He had no job. I think most people thought Jon was going to get out. Bas and I both thought he was letting go of the hold and transitioning to another hold.”

Kizer noted Fitch was fine after the fight, and considered this a weird one to criticize.

“The story should be about Josh getting an amazing win, doing the right thing, and releasing the hold,” said Kizer. “This isn’t about the ref.”

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