NY Court denies Eddie Alvarez injunctive relief, no fight at UFC 159

Friday, January 25, 2013

When Bellator star Eddie Alvarez finished his contract, we went on the open market and received a signficant offer from the UFC:
•Eight-fight deal;
•Three commentary opportunities;
•$250,000 signing bonus;
•$70,000 to show and and additional; $70,000 to win;
•$5,000 escalation for each additional win, to a maximum of $210,000;
•PLUS a cut of a PPV.

However, Bellator had the right to match the UFC’s offer, so they did, literally. The contract was rewritten word for word.

However, as Bellator does not currently run PPV events, Alvarez cotends that the UFC offer was not in fact matched.

Both sides appeared in NY court today, as Alvarez sought a preliminary injunction against Bellator, so that he may seek a contract with Zuffa.

MMA Fighting’s Mike Chiappetta was in court tweeting the proceedings, and the judge has finally made a ruling

Mike Chiappetta MMA ‏@MikeChiappetta
•Bellator’s attorney claimed in the hearing they have a PPV fight lined up for Alvarez against Chandler.
•I asked Eddie about it after the hearing. His response: “They’re full of s—.
•The courthouse is now closed. The decision will be filed electronically. It is supposed to come today but we’ll see.
•BREAKING: Court denies Alvarez’s application for an injunction that would have allowed him to fight at UFC 159. The legal fight goes on.
•I spoke to Eddie Alvarez since the ruling was handed down. He has declined comment for now.

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