Nate Diaz: I don’t get paid enough to make 155 all year

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nate Diaz has floated between the lightweight and welterweight division since winning the fifth season of the Ultimate Fighter in 2007. Diaz has found varied success in both divisions, but more so in the lightweight decision. However, Diaz isn’t a fan of cutting weight and personally feels as he’s undercompensated to do so:

On what he hopes comes next after Maynard:

I lost to Thomson and Anthony Pettis is the champ. They’re supposed to be the hot (expletive) right now. Those guys are the guys to beat and on top of it.

I was ready to go to 170 pounds. I’m over making weight and all this. I don’t feel I get paid good enough to lose weight all year long. I can make the weight no problem, but I wish I was getting compensated a little better for it. At the same time, I wasn’t going to leave this division letting those two (expletive) run the show.

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In case anyone was wondering what exactly isn’t enough money for Diaz to make lightweight year round, Diaz earned only $15,000 for his last bout, a loss to Josh Thomson. Diaz’s contract likely would have earned him an additional $15,000 had he won. He did however make $50,000 in his title bout versus Benson Henderson.