Nate Diaz best post fight interview, ever?

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Nate Diaz dominated an aging Gray Maynard in the main event of the TUF 18 Finale, and then got on the mic with Jon Anik and gave a speech as only a Diaz brother can.

Anik came out and said “blah blah de blah.”

Diaz then look around and replied “I don’t know what kind of motherf—ing show this is man, like my motherf—ers are acting silly.” He then gave shoutouts to his Sambo coach Val Ignatov, boxing coach Richard Perez, brother Nick Diaz, and teammate Gil Melendez. Conspicuously absent from the list was long-time trainer Cesar Gracie.

Anik then asked a question about blah blah blah and was entirely ignored by Diaz, who spoke glowingly of Melendez. Diaz then addressed UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and contender Josh Thomson.

“You and Thomson better man up,” said Nate. “And give (a title shot) to me and my boy right here. Because this is our division. We’re going to beat your asses, because that’s what’s up.”

The possibility of a four man tag team fight with Pettis and Thomson on one side and Melendez and Diaz in the other is something to contemplate.

Anik kept trying.

“Can you talk us quickly through the combinations?” he asked. “Obviously the throws were used, but the combinations were on point.”

Diaz’s reply was one for the ages.

“I won, heh, heh, that’s what’s up,” said Diaz, followed by more shoutouts. Diaz then closed the interview in his inimitable style.

“We gotta go,” he said. “I got s— to do man. I’m hungry.”