Nate Quarry reflects on Franklin being kayoed

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In 2005 at UFC 56, Nate Quarry suffered one of the most dramatic KO losses in MMA history, at the hands of Rich Franklin.

Saturday at UFC Macau, Franklin in turn suffered a ferocious KO, at the hands of Cung Le.

A fan asked Quarry for his reaction.

“Nate, just curious to your reaction to Macau,” asked the fan. “Seeing Rich Franklin on the receiving end of a highlight reel knockout like he gave you, what did you feel? Is that empathy? Some level of vengeance served? Regret that you didn’t do that? Or just another day at the office? I could probably ask the same of Wanderlei when Gonzaga KO’d Cro Cop. Just curious.”

Quarry’s reply is worth knowing.

“I’ve had a few people ask me this. I’d say I feel the same way that I feel whenever I see anyone get knocked out or even lose, I’d say it borders on empathy.

“See, that’s one thing I dislike about fighting, it’s that someone has to lose for one person to win. Don’t get me wrong, that’s also what I love about fighting and there’s nothing like having a defeated warrior at your feet. But I don’t generally feel joy at seeing someone lose.

“I’ve made the joke a few times as I see those that have wronged me throughout the years crash and burn – ‘Since I feel guilty I’m enjoying watching them fall off their ivory tower that means I’m still a good person.’ But in reality, I have no desire to be the type of person that gains pleasure in watching others fail.

“Rich is no exception. Other than one night about seven years ago, he’s always been nothing but nice to me.

“What a petty, childish person I would be if after all these years I took pleasure in seeing someone fail who simply showed up to do his job and I was on the receiving end. In fact, the night that Rich lost his title I went to his hotel room to express my condolences. I even told him, ‘Rich, if you gave me the choice of never fighting for the title or getting brutally knocked out and seeing it over and over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.’

“I’m not going to bitch about the journey because I’m happy with where I’m at. And I’m not going to be joyful in other people’s sorrows.

“At least that’s the goal. That’s the person I want to be.”

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