Nelson: MMA people tend to abuse PEDs

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

 Roy Nelson is not your stereo typically looking mixed martial arts fighter. As a heavyweight, he’s a bit soft around the middle, unlike most who have chiseled physiques, but as he explains it, most may not get that way naturally:

Asked why he looks so much different than the rest of his contemporaries, Nelson, who meets Stipe Miocic in the co-main event at Winnipeg’s MTS Centre on June 15, left no doubt why he thinks this is the case.

“People who tend to be in our sport tend to abuse performance-enhancing drugs, so that’s why I don’t look like a typical UFC fighter,” Nelson said.

“Yeah I mean on any given day, I know on any given day I can beat anyone else and knock out anyone else out,” he said. “I’m usually looking to wrestle and grapple, but I guess the knockouts just happen.”

Nelson was the star of an otherwise uneventful conference call. Having taken a swipe at other fighters over PEDs, he then finished things off with a bit of a lecture about bullying and bettering one’s self.

“What separates me from other fighters is, I just want to fight,” he continued, “A lot of people out there are bullies and they pick on people and call people names, you need to grow up from that and you need to become a better person.”

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