Ngannou: I want to do something that has never been done

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

At UFC 220 on January 20 we will find out if Francis Ngannou is The Next Big Thing. The #1 challenger to heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic is hyper-confident.

“You say he’s the champion for a reason, yes, he’s the champion for a reason: He’s the champion because the real champ wasn’t there,” said Ngannou to John Morgan and Ken Hathaway for MMAjunkie. “Now the real champ is on the way, and he is not going to be the champion as long.”

“Even before my UFC debut, I always believed in myself. I always believed even before I started the sport in my life that I can do something really great. That’s probably the reason that I started the sport – because I feel that when you feel something in you and something that you can’t explain, you just have to do it to show people.”

“Of course he’s a good wrestler, but my little technique, plus my power, I can stop it anywhere I want, when I want. Every single thing that he will try, I will stop it. I will put my trap everywhere, so he might bring himself in the trap, and I will just close the trap.”

“You can’t say that this means nothing. It’s very important, but does this mean anything? No, this is just one step. Everything that I did or I’m doing is just one step of what I’m going to do.

“I’m not just looking to beat Stipe and be the champion and be complete. No, I’m looking forward to doing something really [special]. I don’t know what, but maybe something that someone has never done.”

Ordinarily, looking beyond an opponent is not real smart, but if Ngannou is really The Next Big Thing, TNBTs do what they want to, and it works, usually.