Nick Diaz reminds GSP of bullies in his youth, and he doesn’t like bullies

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UFC president Dana White appeared recently on “The Jim Rome Show” and related an incident that helps explain while the normally unflappable UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been, well, flappable, about challenger Nick Diaz, who he fights in the main of event of UFC 158 Saturday night.

At 137 Nick Diaz beat BJ Penn, and then challenged GSP who was sitting ringside. That was apparently only the beginning.

“There’s more to this story that hasn’t been told,” said White. “Nobody has talked about this, I haven’t said anything about it, but at one of the fights, the one where he really starts calling Georges out, he was chasing Georges around the hotel and like yelling at him and stuff. Georges thought he was going to try to fight him in the hotel. He was just waiting for the elevator doors to open and see Nick Diaz.

“Like at the last fight where he said all that stuff after his last fight when he said all that stuff about Georges, he was really messing with Georges bad at the fight, like trying to fight him at the hotel. That really pissed Georges off.”

White hastened to add that he does not think the pair would have come to blows in the hotel, but reiterated that GSP was upset, and why.

“I don’t think that would ever happen,” said White. “But Georges St-Pierre felt like it was and that bothered him. Georges St-Pierre has said publicly many times that when he was younger, he used to get bullied and that’s what got him into martial arts.

“And he just has this crazy thing about bullies and he thinks that Nick Diaz is a bully.”

“Georges St-Pierre I talked to him last week, he said ‘Dana, you have no idea what I’m going to do to this kid, I wanna make him retire'”