Nick Diaz still not playing the game, no shows press con

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

In April Dana offered the opion that Nick Diaz could be making big money, could be fighting GSP, if only he would play the game.

“When I listen to Nick Diaz talk, you know, this kid’s talented, he’s well-rounded, I like his attitude and the way that he carries himself…to a point.

“He always crosses the line every time he gets out there and talks publicly and…he can be such a big star. This kid could be a big star if he would just calm down a little bit and not so be so angry with everybody.”

“Nick has this talent and he talks about the big money and all the other things. He can make this big money. He can do that. He can be that guy. He could fight GSP. He could have all these opportunities. He’s got to tone it down a little bit, you know, and I don’t think that many people out there would disagree with me.

“I’m not asking Nick Diaz not to be Nick Diaz. I like Nick Diaz. I like the way he is and it’s part of the appeal of him, you know. But you gotta tone it down just a little bit…if we could get Nick to a point where he doesn’t cross the line and he doesn’t get so crazy all the time, he could be a big star. People like him. And people dislike him, too. That’s not a bad thing.”

Now Diaz is fighting GSP, but he  is still apparently not playing the game, as reported by the Winnipeg Free Press.

Challenger Nick Diaz was a no-show Tuesday so welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was left to plug their UFC 137 showdown on his own.

The UFC offered no reason for Diaz’s absence in Toronto but the former Strikeforce champion is no fan of such media events.

St-Pierre said he did not know what was going on in Diaz’s life, so he was not going to speculate on the California fighter’s reasons for not joining him to hype their Oct. 29 fight in Las Vegas.

But the 30-year-old champion from Montreal says it’s a little unfair in that he interrupted his training for the press tour.

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Diaz’s manager Cesar Gracie provides some detail.

“Nick is extremely happy about the opportunity to fight GSP, but old habits die hard.”

“Nick is going to be there (a press conference held Wednesday in Las Vegas) tomorrow, and we’ll go from there.”

“Nick doesn’t really do the conference calls with a guy he’s fighting; he just never has. It’s just not in his psyche. He’s too busy training right now to answer any questions.”

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