Saturday, May 29, 2010

Asked specifically if he can beat St. Pierre, Diaz answered, Yeah, I think it’s a good fight for me, Georges St-Pierre.” And he said that his own tenure in the UFC (Diaz went 6-4 in 10 UFC fights) could have just as easily gone the same way that St. Pierre’s career has gone.

“I was actually in line to do the same stuff he did,” Diaz said. “I made it to the UFC before him but I was just really young and inexperienced when I got there.”

Noting that all four of his UFC losses were by decision, Diaz maintains that bad judging is the only thing standing between himself and the UFC welterweight title.

“So all those fights that I didn’t win, I actually think that I won and on account of that I would have been in line to fight GSP now and I think that I would be in his position,” Diaz said. “That’s my opinion.”

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