Nick Thompson plays Devil’s Advocate on killing in the cage

Friday, February 26, 2010

killing your opponent

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Within the confines of the given rules, it is my job to try and kill my opponent. While I hope it never actually occurs, I try my best to make it happen every time I fight. If you don’t like it, go watch soccer.

IrishRomo – Your job is to defeat your opponent. By ko, submission or decision. None of these should result in death. There is a reason this sport is so safe compared to boxing.

From: kidpresentable   
That’s it, I am going to kill you too.

Bruce Leroy –  im gonna walk into a bar sit next to the hottest girl in the place and say exactly what you said…..and ill see what happens

From: kidpresentable   
That is actially how I met my wife.

PeterIrl – I thought that the goal in MMA was to either make your opponent tap out, or KO him. Whats with all this killing talk? If you want to kill people for a living, go join the army.

From: kidpresentable  
I tried the army route; they wouldn’t let me fight in spandex.  If I can’t kill someone while wearing spandex, I don’t even know if I want to do it. 

da Vinci 81 – I thought you were supposed to make him quit or knock him out?? Why bother going for any other submission than a choke if that’s your mentality…

From: kidpresentable  
because ifi break his arm first, no can defend the choke to death

qazzaq – if you want to get yourself in the mindset to do that- then more power to you. but dont open your yapper like mir did because although this sport isnt where it was five or ten years ago- where that comment would have done more damage to the sport then than it does now- the sport is still at a stage where that comment draws the attention of the likes of yahoos front page news- which is where I read it.

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The only news that is bad for the UFC is no news.  You read it on the front page of the yahoo!?  I am sure Dana hates that!

Boomtown-i have no idea how good a fighter you are, but your comebacks are terrible.

From: kidpresentable  
Your comebacks are terrible.

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